Vaste choix de couleurs selon vos besoins
Finition de peinture en poudre électrostatique
8041, rue Aimé-Guilbault, Terrebonne, Qc J7M 2G1
Tél.:  (450) 420-4673
Cell.: (450) 806-0051
Fax.: (450) 420-7276
Cell.: (450) 806-0051
Fax.: (450) 420-7276
Tél.: (450) 420-4673
8041, rue Aimé-Guilbault, Terrebonne, Qc J7M 2G1
A process for higher quality, durable and resistant
We carry the following treatments

Surface preparation
Degreasing phosphating
Corrosion protection
By applying a powder coating oven-cured

The range of treatment will be chosen depending on the material and the use of parts,  indoor or outdoor use.
Decorate and protect your metallic parts
Trailer in black
Advertising Kiosk
Industrial part
Restaurant and Bar parts
Industrial fabrications
Automotive: frame, wheels & parts
Patio furniture
ATV: frames, wheels & parts
Metal fencing, railing and stair case
Motorcycle: frame, wheels & parts
Bicycle: frame & parts
Lawn and garden equipement
What Can Be Powder Coated?
Industrial part
Superieur packaging
Industrial parts
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Car parts